Blog # 15

11th November, 2012

We made a rushed trip up to our house again today, as we had to mark on the floor where we want the change between the carpet/vinyl. This we did and took a photo of it, to make sure it does go in the right place.

There has been a bit of progress. We now have a wonderful granite bench top.  We all really like it and are so pleased we upgraded to the darker colour.

One other thing we are very happy with is the rimu wine rack.  This is our design.  We had to push a lot to get it, but it looks really great.

The solar light tubes are amazing.  Today was very cloudy and gloomy and we thought they wouldn’t be bringing in much light, but even then the light was wonderful. Before this our hallway was really dark and gloomy.

They have started the tiling in both the bathroom and ensuite.  But in the bathroom there is a real problem. The tiles around the bath are fine and what Elizabeth chose, but they have put different ones above the vanity.  These are the same as in our ensuite, but even then I am not sure they are the right ones.  I don’t think I would have chosen a beige colour tile!! So we are going to check the colour of the tile we have written down.  If it is the right one, I just made a mistake and will live with it.  But the ones in the main bathroom have to be changed. Why would we use two different colour tiles in the same room?

Here the colour doesn’t look too bad, but in actuality it looks murkier.

The tiles have now been laid all along in front of the windows in the family room, dining room and lounge windows.  These are now wide enough in front of the door for the open door not to drip on the carpet. (Robin the porch is very small and wind could easily blow the rain on to the door.)

So our trip today was mostly good.  We will be going up again on Tuesday or Wednesday to look at the carpet and vinyl which is being laid this week.

Just two weeks on Tuesday before we move in.  That is very exciting, scary and stressful! Mostly we are looking forward to living in Waikanae. But of course we will really miss our wonderful view here.

Our packing here is going well, and am pretty sure we will get it all done.  We have given piles of stuff away and even thrown a lot out. We still have more to give away and more to throw out. It is quite amazing what we have accumulated in almost 36 years living here. We need to get in touch with the moving firm to get some boxes, packing tape and blank newsprint for the rest of the packing.  So far I have been using boxes that my neighbour Pauline has been getting for me from her merchandizing job. Thank you Pauline.

More later in the week.


2 thoughts on “Blog # 15

  1. We have the same dark granite.. Would much prefer the lighter… Personal choice I guess…Wine rack looks good albeit small! Wine fridge coming?
    Lino? Do they really still make it! Go with tiles ..classier!
    Exciting times, look forward to seeing it finished.

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