Blog #14

Tuesday, 6th November.

Martin rang Elizabeth and me this morning from work to say we had to go up to our house to make a decision about what sort of skirting board light fittings for the hall we wanted.  So instead of doing more packing we rushed up there.

Wow, what amazing progress there has been since last Friday?  We now have a driveway, which looks really good.  That and the patio still don’t have the top coating that gets sprayed on yet.  This will make the drive and patio look quite a bit darker than it is.

I love the curves in the drive, patios and mowing strips.  There will be lawn and or a garden to the left of the drive here. For those of you who thought we should have had the drive wider, we will still have plenty of room to turn our cars around before heading back down the drive.

Inside there was quite a bit of progress too.  All the door handles are now on the doors.  I am a bit worried about the ones on the sliding wardrobe/closet doors.  They are attached by a screw which is sharp and I think they will really hurt your fingertips when you use the handle.  Maybe something else will be done so that won’t happen. The cabinets in the laundry are almost all installed including the laminate bench top and the sink unit.  The kitchen is also nearly all installed, though we saw a problem there too.

This unit with the glass doors doesn’t seem to be right. At the top right corner you can see it doesn’t go right to the edge of the bit coming down from the ceiling. This means that it doesn’t line up with the wall going down the hall. It just doesn’t look right.  Martin and I are going up again tomorrow to try and sort this out. There are some other things Martin has to check out as well.

The piece of rimu on the top of the up stand really looks very nice. This will match our dining room table.  Not sure when the granite bench top will be delivered.

The fittings in both bathroom and ensuite are now in place except for the toilet. This is our ensuite.

This is the main bathroom.

None of the tiling has been done as yet.  We were told that would start again yesterday.  So not sure what is going on.

The ladder up to the loft space has been turned around which is very good.  We are wondering if it is supposed to have a handrail attached though.  In the photograph on the instructions it has a handrail. We now won’t have to do a ninja jump from the ladder to the flooring up there. You will still have to mind your head!

The heat pump unit has been installed outside the garage as well. This is really huge.

The window seat is in place, but not totally finished yet. It has six drawers in it for DVDs etc. We still have to find a material to use for the squab on top of the window seat. I had thought of using the same material as the curtains, but it would not be suitable to sit on.  It would be very scratchy on your legs and behind.  So I don’t think I could get a colour to match, so think we may go with something more the colour of the walls. This we will also use to recover our dining room chairs. Oh, by the way, the dog belongs to the plumber.  This is the third dog that we have had on our building site.

That is all for today.  Maybe another update tomorrow.


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