Blog #11

Tuesday 18th September

I have been very remiss in writing the blog over the past few days.  Quite a bit has been going on at the building site.

At our last visit nearly all the gib board (dry wall) has been installed.  Just the garage and our ensuite to finish.

This is looking from the kitchen area towards the bay window in the formal lounge. The pieces of plank on the ceiling are used on the joins while the glue stuff hardens.  The gib sheets are six metres long and weigh about 150 kg!

The contraption on the left side is what is used to take the weight of the gib sheet as it is put on the ceiling.

Plastering will be started this week. After that it will be the skirting boards, architraves etc. the kitchen is being made off site and will be the last thing to be installed.

The other progress is with the retaining wall.  The concrete footing for this is now in place.

Both of our grandchildren felt very privileged and grown up to sit in the digger.  More than likely something we shouldn’t have let them do.

It is very hard to get a good photo of the front of the house at the moment because of the huge piles of sand being generated by digging out for the retaining wall footing. But this one is not too bad.

At the same time as all of this progress we have had meetings with the curtain supplier and trying to sort out what colours we want where.  Not an easy job at all.  We have decided on the material and it will be the same throughout the whole house. Tomorrow we have a meeting with the people who supplied the windows and doors.  We are not happy with the glazing on the front door.  All the rest of the house has slightly tinted glass, but the front door and side window is frosted.  I think it looks horrible.

We are thinking of having clear glass with some sort of etching on it.  Maybe a stalk of a flax flower or something like that.  We are also not happy with the frosted glass in the bathroom and ensuite.  Especially the bathroom, as it makes the room very dark.  We may go with clear glass there too.  We will be having woodmate shutters in both of those rooms and these when tilted with give enough privacy.

That is all for now.

Elizabeth and I are going up there tomorrow to look at some more curtain colours and on Thursday we go over to Carterton to the paua shell factory shop to get some paua pieces that will be sprinkled in the concrete on the patio.

Wednesday 19th.  We have just come back from another trip up to our new house.  We had to go and see the curtain people again, and even then I forgot to bring one of the samples home that we had chosen.  Will get it next time.

Anyway one wonderful thing has happened.  The retaining wall is nearly finished.  This just since Monday!!  Wow!!  It is huge.  More next time.


2 thoughts on “Blog #11

  1. Catherine   House is looking great.  Choosing curtains is not easy – colours change depending on light and furnishings and wall colourings – even if the wall colour is pretty bland.  It sounds as if you have everything under control and it gets very exciting as the finished house appears before your eyes.   Diana


  2. Hi Diana. we must make a time for you and Gavin to come out and see the house. we will more than likely be going up on Sunday some time if you would like to join us? give me a call or email.

    love Catherine

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